Professor Roger Moltzen

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Recent Publications

  • Garrett, L., & Moltzen, R. (2011). Writing because I want to, not because I have to: Young gifted writers' perspectives on the factors that matter in developing expertise. English Teaching: Practice and Critique, 10(1), 165-180. Open Access version:

  • Moltzen, R. (2011). Gifted and talented: New Zealand perspectives (3rd ed.). Malaysia: Pearson.

  • Riley, T., & Moltzen, R. (2011). Learning by doing: Action research to evaluate provisions for gifted and talented students. Kairaranga, 12, 23-31.

  • Moltzen, R. (2011). Underachievement. In Gifted and Talented: New Zealand Perspectives (pp. 404-433). Pearson.

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