Professor Jonathan B. Scott

Jonathan Scott

Foundation Professor of EE

Qualifications: BSc BE MEngSc, PhD, PGCert(Mgt); life SMIEEE, MAES, Fellow of Engineers Australia

About Jonathan

Jonathan has worked as an EE for universities and private industry in Australia, California and for the last 15 years as an academic in New Zealand. He speaks C, unix, python, LaTeX, HTML, SQL, & English.

Papers Taught

Research Supervised

I supervise research students working on fractional-derivative equivalent-circuit modelling especially of rechargeable batteries; vector correction of acoustic measurements; threshold concepts; and impedance measurement of wet systems including batteries and electrodes.

HDR students supervised: Peter Blockley, Toby Balsom, Mark Jones, Cameron Kelly, Kyle Pennington, Steven McCabe, Gaojie Chen, Mark Benseman, Jonathan McMullan, Sam Parkinson, Russel Mohamed, Dan Ho, Rahat Hasan, Benson Chang, Viking Zhou, Marcus Macdonell, Hedayati Mohamed, Amir Mukhtar, Iris Xiao, Dirk Hartung, Stefan Gygax, Carl Lickfold, Hiroshi Mohri, Daniel Dredge, Sinduja Seshadri, Sina Enteshari, Jianbang Liu, Chris Dunn, Vance Farrow, Gordan Wildschut, Keshav Basnet, & Eden Poihipi.

Research Interests

Electronic circuits; biomedical systems; RF & microwave; rechargeable battery modelling; instrumentation & measurement; engineering education; threshold concepts; audio and acoustics; linearity and distortion.

I am an EE; my work focusses on characterisation, measurement, modelling and simulation, especially at extreme frequencies. Recent work has strong electrochemical and biomedical context revolving around modelling rechargeable batteries and electrodes for human implantation. I have built phase standards, made implant leads safe in MRI scanners, and developed rechargeable battery equivalent circuit models with constant-phase elements instead of voltage sources. I also carry out research in acoustic measurement, circuits, embedded microcontrollers, and engineering education especially in the context of threshold concepts.

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Recent Publications

  • Poihipi, E., Scott, J., & Dunn, C. (2022). Distinguishability of battery equivalent-circuit models containing CPEs: updating the work of Berthier, Diard, & Michel. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry. doi:10.1016/j.jelechem.2022.116201 Open Access version:

  • MacDonell, M., & Scott, J. (2022). Full 2-port vector-corrected network analyzer in the acoustic domain. Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 70(3), 185-198. doi:10.17743/jaes.2021.0058

  • Scott, J. (2021). Speed regulation of model railway controllers: A comparison of technologies.

  • Scott, J., & Newcombe, S. (2021). Low-Cost Fluid Flow Sensor to Enable Electronic Control of Fractional Distillation Columns.

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Electrical Engineering; Metrology; Instrumentation; Characterisation & Modeling; Biomedical Electronics; RF & Microwave

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: C.1.10
Phone: +64 7 838 4909 (voicemail forwards reliably)