Dr Shari L Gallop

Shari Gallop

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: PhD, MSc(Hons), BSc

Iwi: Ngāti Maru, Te Rarawa, Ngāti Pākehā

Papers Taught

Research Supervised


  • Sargent, Joshua (in progress). Adaptation to flooding hazards in the Firth of Thames, New Zealand, University of Waikato (co-supervisor)
  • Razzaghi, Mojgan (in progress). Flushing times and water quality in the the Maketū estuary due to river rediversion, University of Waikato (lead supervisor)
  • Fellowes, Thomas (2020). Classification of embayed beach morphology and quantifying the influence of headlands on beach and surf zone morphodynamics, Macquarie University (co-supervisor)
  • Chirol, Clementine (2018). Morphological evolution of managed realignment schemes, University of Southampton (co-supervisor)
  • Pitman, Sebastian (2017). Morphological control of rip channel hazard signature, University of Southampton (co-supervisor)


  • Kettle, Tyla (in progress). Mātauranga Māori to inform our understanding of population dynamics and health of pipi in Waihi estuary, University of Waikato (lead supervisor)
  • Bailey-Winiata, Akuhata (in progress). Potential impacts of sea level rise and storms on New Zealand coastal marae, University of Waikato (lead supervisor)
  • De Staerke, Vincent (2018). Decadal evolution of estuarine beaches, Macquarie University (lead supervisor)
  • Denning, Eleanor (2015). The impact of the winter storm activity in 2013-2014 on coastal morphology along the South Coast of the UK, MSci, University of Southampton (lead supervisor)
  • Li, S. (2015). Identifying clusters of storm wave events at a site in the UK, MSc, University of Southampton (co-supervisor)

Honors, interns & summer research students

  • Kōpae, Aroha (2021). Assess summer harvesting pressure on shellfish in Waihī Estuary Summer Research Student, University of Waikato (lead supervisor)
  • Whyte, Henry (2020). Residence time and kaimoana in southern Tauranga Harbour/ Te Awanui, Summer Research Student, University of Waikato (lead supervisor)
  • Bailey-Winiata, Akuhata (2020). Mapping proximity of New Zealand coastal marae to the coastline and fluvial systems using GIS, Summer Research Student, University of Waikato (co-supervisor)

Research Interests

I am a marine environmental scientist. My research spans a broad range from coastal morphodynamics, through coastal hazards, to estuarine processes and the science of estuarine restoration. I use a range of techniques such as in situ field measurements, combined with remote sensing techniques (e.g., video) and numerical modelling to understand relationships between meteorological, hydrodynamic, and geological processes. I am also working on bridging mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) and western science.

I have a strong track recovery in community and media engagement. I am the 2020 L'Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellow for New Zealand, for my research on the science of estuarine restoration and how to account for climate change. I have worked across a broad range of media, including BBC Coast New Zealand, newspaper, magazine, TV news and radio. I am an advocate for gender equaltiy in STEM and co-chair of Women in Coastal Geoscience and Engineering and Associate Editor for Anthropocene Coasts.

See Google Scholar for a full list of my research output:

Recent Publications

  • Pitman, S. J., Thompson, K., Hart, D. E., Moran, K., Gallop, S. L., Brander, R. W., & Wooler, A. (2021). Beachgoers' ability to identify rip currents at a beach in situ. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 21(1), 115-128. doi:10.5194/nhess-21-115-2021

  • Vila-Concejo, A., Gallop, S., & Largier, J. (2020). Sandy beaches in estuaries and bays. In D. Jackson, & A. Short (Eds.), Sandy Beach Morphodynamics (1 ed.). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier.

  • Gallop, S. L., Kennedy, D. M., Loureiro, C., Naylor, L. A., Muñoz-Pérez, J. J., Jackson, D. W. T., & Fellowes, T. E. (2020). Geologically controlled sandy beaches: Their geomorphology, morphodynamics and classification. Science of the Total Environment, 731, 14 pages. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.139123

  • Muñoz-Perez, J. J., Gallop, S. L., & Moreno, L. J. (2020). A Comparison of Beach Nourishment Methodology and Performance at Two Fringing Reef Beaches in Waikiki (Hawaii, USA) and Cadiz (SW Spain). Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 8(4), 266. doi:10.3390/jmse8040266

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Climate; Coastal Sciences; Coastal Zone Management; Marine; Oceanography; Science

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: Coastal Marine Field Station, Sulphur Point, Tauranga
Phone: 0225487167