Dr Sonja K Arndt

Sonja Arndt

Senior Lecturer, ECE, Global Studies in Education, Philosophy in/of Education

Qualifications: PhD

Recent Publications

  • Arndt, S. K. (2018). Early childhood teacher cultural Otherness and belonging. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood. doi:10.1177/1463949118783382

  • Jackson, L., Peters, M. A., Benade, L., Devine, N., Arndt, S., Forster, D., . . . Ozoliņš, J. J. (2018). Is peer review in academic publishing still working?. Open Review of Educational Research, 5(1), 95-112. doi:10.1080/23265507.2018.1479139 Open Access version:

  • Arndt, S., & Tesar, M. (2018). True Fake News: Reshaping educational policies with the #MarchofOurLives. Policy Futures in Education, 16(3), 233-236. doi:10.1177/1478210318772205

  • Arndt, S., Urban, M., Murray, C., Smith, K., Swadener, B., & Ellegaard, T. (2018). Contesting early childhood professional identities: A cross-national discussion. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 19(2), 97-116. doi:10.1177/1463949118768356

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Cultural Learning; Early Childhood Learning; Early Childhood/Early Years Education; Education

Global studies in education, Philosophy of the Other, philosophy of education, childhood studies, post humanism

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Arndt, Dr Sonja 8245 skarndt TT.2.11 Te Whiringa Educational Leadership and P

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