Dr Stephen Noell

Stephen Noell

Qualifications: BSc Geneva College, PhD Oregon State University

About Stephen

Postdoctoral Fellow, Thermophile Research Unit
Recent Publications:
  • Noell, S. E., Barrell, G. E., Suffridge, C., Morré, J., Gable, K. P., Graff, J. R., VerWey, B. J., Hellweger, F. L., & Giovannoni, S. J. (2021). SAR11 Cells Rely on Enzyme Multifunctionality to Metabolize a Range of Polyamine Compounds. mBio (in press)
  • Washburn Q, Wolf S, Well J, Noell SE, Lee CP, Bolaños LM, Giovannoni SJ, Suffridge CP. Oligotrophic: A marine microbiology board game-based activity for high school science classrooms. The Science Teacher, May/June, 52–57 (2021).
  • Noell, SE & Giovannoni, SJ. SAR11 bacteria have a high affinity and multifunctional glycine betaine transporter. Environmental Microbiology 21, 2559–2575 (2019).
  • Clark CE, Banyas MG, Noell SE, Essig DA. 2019. Draft genome sequence of Janthinobacterium sp. strain PC23-8, isolated from a freshwater stream impacted by acid mine drainage. Microbiol Resour Announc 8:e00850-19. .00850-19.
  • Giovannoni SJ, Halsey KH, Saw J, Muslin O, Suffridge CP, Sun J, Lee C-P, Moore ER, Temperton B, Noell SE. 2019. A parasitic arsenic cycle that shuttles energy from phytoplankton to heterotrophic bacterioplankton. mBio 10:e00246-19.

Research Interests

Microbial Physiology; Microbial Metabolism; Culturing


Antarctica; Marine Microbiology; Molecular Biology; Environmental Microbiology; Microbial Cultivation