Professor Martin Thrupp

Martin Thrupp

Head of Te Whiringa School of Educational Leadership and Policy, Wilf Malcolm Institute of Education Research Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D, M.Ed, T.T.C, Dip.Tchg, B.A

About Martin

Martin Thrupp's research interests are in education policy with a particular focus on the lived effects of policy across socially diverse and unequal communities.  In recent years he has been researching and writing about the enactment of the National Standards policy in New Zealand schools. His book about the National Standards 'The Search for Better Educational Standards: A Cautionary Tale' was recently published. Thrupp is also working on a comparative study of the privatisation of schooling in Finland, Sweden and New Zealand. In 2012 he received an award from New Zealand's Tertiary Education Union for promoting academic freedom, in 2015 was made Honorary Fellow of NZEI Te Riu Roa and in 2016 received the NZARE McKenzie award for his significant contribution to educational research.  Please google 'Martin Thrupp' to find out more.

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Education Policy; Education Research; Sociology

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