Dr Tim Walmsley

Tim Walmsley

Senior Lecturer in Chemical and Process Engineering

Qualifications: BE(Hons), PhD (Univ. of Waikato), Doc (Brno Univ. of Tech.), CEng, MIChemE, MEngNZ

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About Tim

Tim is a product of Hamilton, a graduate of the University of Waikato and a Chartered Engineer (CEng). He spent three years as a researcher in the Energy Research Group at Waikato (2014 – 2017), working closely with Fonterra, Oji Fibre Solutions and Scion on disruptive engineering solutions. In 2017 – 2019, he helped establish the Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic, before returning to Waikato as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering.

Tim received the 2016 International Young Chemical Engineer in Research Award by IChemE (UK), has co-chaired and organised five international conferences on Process Integration, and edited more than seven special issues and volumes of high-ranking international journals.

In the School of Engineering, Tim contributes as a key researcher in the Sustainable Energy, Water and Resilient Systems research group, convenes and teaches in several general and discipline-specific engineering papers (see list below), and co-convenes the Diploma of Engineering Professional Practice (DipEPP) – a parallel program to the B.E.(Hons) programmes that equips graduates with enhanced business management expertise and skills.

Papers Taught

Research Supervised

PhD Researchers

  • Florian Schlosser (PhD, 2020), Heat pumping for industry, Kassel University, Germany (International supervisor; In progress).
  • Nathan S. Lal (PhD, 2020), Automated Retrofit of Heat Exchanger Networks, University of Waikato (Co-supervisor; Waiting for examination).
  • Benjamin Ong (PhD, 2019), A Kraft Mill-Integrated Biorefinery Design for New Zealand, University of Waikato (Co-supervisor; Passed).
  • Amir Tarighaleslami (PhD, 2018), Unified Total Site Heat Integration: Targeting, Optimisation and Network Design, University of Waikato (Co-supervisor; Passed).

Masters Researchers

  • Chris Anderson (MSc(Research), 2021), Self-protection for critical industrial energy systems and infrastructure, University of Waikato (Co-supervisor; In progress).
  • Aoran Han (MEngPrac, 2020) - The development of high-temperature heat pump system in milk spray dryer system, University of Waikato (Chief Supervisor; Passed).
  • Wynn Phyuphyu (ME, 2016), Energy Return on Investment for Hydro Power in Myanmar, University of Waikato (Co-supervisor; Passed).
  • Akash Lokhande (ME, 2015), Vacuum Steam Desuperheating and Condensation: An Experimental Investigation, University of Waikato (Co-supervisor; Passed).

Research Interests

Tim's research focuses on designing sustainable energy systems – unit operations, processes, industrial sites, regions and global – by applying novel process modelling, integration, and optimisation methods. His research applications centre on four areas:

  • Digital Twin with process integration, evolution and optimisation: the development of novel algorithms, methods and superstructures, captured in software, to automatically solve highly combinatoric, dynamic and non-linear industrial process synthesis and retrofit problems involving heat, power, water, and other utilities.
  • Industrial process electrification: the electrification of industrial processes through novel multistage and high temperature heat pump technology. The redesign of processes to efficiently switch to electricity use in place of process heat.
  • Sustainable and circular economy: the optimisation of material and energy flows within a Circular Economy context to maximise total sustainability considering the trade-off between multiple cost and footprint dimensions (GHG, energy, water, land, etc.).
  • Integrated biorefineries: the transformation of Kraft pulp mills into biorefineries, powered by geothermal heat, to produce liquid fuels suitable for the transportation sector.

Recent Publications

  • Gai, L., Varbanov, P. S., Walmsley, T. G., & Klemeš, J. J. (2020). Critical analysis of process integration options for joule-cycle and conventional heat pumps. Energies, 13(3). doi:10.3390/en13030635

  • Lee, P. Y., Liew, P. Y., Walmsley, T. G., Wan Alwi, S. R., & Klemeš, J. J. (2020). Total Site Heat and Power Integration for Locally Integrated Energy Sectors. Energy, 204. doi:10.1016/

  • Sing, C. K. L., Lim, J. S., Walmsley, T. G., Liew, P. Y., Goto, M., & Shaikh Salim, S. A. Z. B. (2020). Time-dependent integration of solar thermal technology in industrial processes. Sustainability (Switzerland), 12(6). doi:10.3390/su12062322

  • Fan, Y. V., Klemeš, J. J., Walmsley, T. G., & Bertók, B. (2020). Implementing Circular Economy in municipal solid waste treatment system using P-graph. Science of the Total Environment, 701. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2019.134652

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Computing; Energy; Engineering; Environmental Impacts; Fluid Mechanics; Materials and Processing; Sustainability; Technology

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: EF.1.01
Phone: +64 7 838 4619