Mr Victor Fester

Victor Fester

E-learning Designer

Qualifications: B Sc (Chemistry); B Sc (Hons) (Chemistry); Cert Adult Tchg; Nat Higher Dipl (Post-school Ed); PG Cert Ed.

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About Victor

Over the last 20 years, I have worked at the country's top three ITPs in a number of roles, including teaching, programme management, academic development and course/curriculum development roles. I also have overseas experience as a lecturer in chemistry.

My particular focus as an e-learning designer is on assisting teaching staff to enhance their teaching practices and their students' learning through thoughtful use of technology.

Recent Publications

  • Fester, V., & Annabell, C. (2021). Supporting university teachers through the rapid shift from face-to-face to enhanced online teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic. In L. Gómez Chova, A. López Martínez, & I. Candel Torres (Eds.), 15th International Technology Education and Development Conference Proceedings (pp. 9163-9171). Valencia, Spain: IATED Academy. Retrieved from

  • Fester, V. (2018). Preparing candidates to sit QMLT examinations with confidence. In Annual Scientific Meeting of the NZ Institute of Medical Laboratory Scientists. Conference held Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Fraser, C., Honeyfield, J., Breen, F., Protheroe, M., & Fester, V. D. (2017). From project to permanence: Growing inter-institutional collaborative teams into long-term, sustainable communities of practice. In J. McDonald, & A. Cater-Steel (Eds.), Communities of Practice: Facilitating Social Learning in Higher Education (pp. 567-598). Singapore: Springer.

  • Fraser, C., Honeyfield, J., Breen, F., Protheroe, M., & Fester, V. D. (2015). Getting on: A guide to practice in inter-institutional collaborative projects. Ako Aotearoa. Retrieved from

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