Dr Vimal Kumar

Vimal Kumar

Senior Lecturer (Computer Science)

Qualifications: BTech IPU - Delhi PhD Missouri S&T

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Research Interests

My research interests are broadly in the areas of wireless sensors and security. Specifically I am interested in the development of secure wireless sensor networks, sensor clouds and internet of things. I am also looking into wearable devices security and issues in secure cloud computing.

Recent Publications

  • Phua, T. W., Patros, P., & Kumar, V. (2021). Towards embedding data provenance in files. In R. Paul (Ed.), Proc 2021 IEEE 11th Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference (pp. 1319-1325). USA, Virtual: IEEE. doi:10.1109/CCWC51732.2021.9375947 Open Access version:

  • Roodt, D., Speidel, U., Kumar, V., & Ko, R. (2021). On random editing in LZ-End. In A. Bilgin, M. W. Marcellin, J. Serra-Sagrista, & J. A. Storer (Eds.), 2021 Data Compression Conference (DCC 2021) (pp. 366). Snowbird, UT, USA: IEEE. doi:10.1109/dcc50243.2021.00074

  • Chew, C., Kumar, V., Patros, P., & Malik, R. (2020). ESCAPADE: Encryption-type-ransomeware: system call based pattern detection. In M. Kutylowski, J. Zhang, & C. Chen (Eds.), Proc 14th International Conference on Network and System Security (NSS 2020), LNCS 12570 (pp. 388-407). Virtual, Melbourne, Australia. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-65745-1_23 Open Access version:

  • Chew, C., & Kumar, V. (2019). Behaviour based ransomware detection. In G. Lee, & Y. Jin (Eds.), Proc 34th International Conference on Computers and Their Applications (CATA 2019) Vol. 58 (pp. 127-136). EasyChair. doi:10.29007/t5q7

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Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: G.1.09
Phone: +64 7 838 4378