Associate Professor Wendy H Fox-Turnbull

Wendy Fox-Turnbull

Qualifications: PhD

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From 1998-2017 Wendy taught into all technology education courses in the Bachelor, Masters and Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning (Primary) and Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning (secondary) programmes at the Christchurch College of Education and then the University of Canterbury’s College of Education post-merger in 2006. Also taught regularly into professional studies and practice,  inquiry learning and assessment in education  courses for primary initial teacher education programmes.

At the University of Waikato  also teaches into technology education, professional studies and practice courses  as well curriculum theory  and science education papers. Wendy currently has six PhD students.

Research Interests

Research special interests include authentic learning in technology education, the role and nature of effective conversation in learning and teaching and learning approaches for the 21st Century. She has presented regularly at PATT and other international technology education conferences and published in a range of journals and books in the field of technology education.

Recent Publications

  • Fox-Turnbull, W., & Reinsfield, E. (2021). Technology across boundaries: preserve or perish. International Journal of Technology and Design Education. doi:10.1007/s10798-021-09700-7

  • Docherty, P. D., Zaka, P., & Fox-Turnbull, W. (2021). A quantitative analysis of the short-term and mid-term benefit of a flipped classroom for foundational engineering dynamics. Research Papers in Education. doi:10.1080/02671522.2020.1864773

  • Rangarajan, S., Fox-Turnbull, W., Earl Rinehart, K., & Calder, N. (2021). Teachers new to technology, teaching technology?. In PATT38. University of Turku, Rauma, Finland [held online].

  • Reinsfield, E., & Fox-Turnbull, W. (2021). The Mātanga Project. Developing a self-sustaining model for technology teacher education for and within the New Zealand community. In Techne Serices Vol. 28 (pp. 375-384). Rauma, Finland 2021.

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Education; Teaching and Learning; Technology; Technology Education