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Staff Assessment Handbook
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University Regulations and Processes

The University recognises that all Departments within each Faculty have their own processes and procedures governing assessment. Lecturers need to be familiar with these requirements which can be found on Departmental/School websites or in handbooks. If lecturers are uncertain about any of these requirements they need to clarify them with the Head of School/Department.

The use of Māori in Assessments

The University recognises and supports students who wish to use Māori in written work for assessment and will try to have suitable staff available to ensure that any work submitted in Māori is assessed by staff competent in both the examined subject and in Māori.

Examination Conduct and Processes

Examinations are very different from many other types of assessment. They are a compulsory assessment item and, even if students have done well on internal assessment tasks before the examination, if they do not attend the examination they will fail the paper.

Alternative Arrangements for Examinations and Internal Assessment

The Assessment and Graduation Office is responsible for the special consideration process for formal examinations only. Applications for special consideration must include supporting documentary evidence. For special consideration for impaired performance or missed internal assessment items, students should contact the paper convenor or Department of study.

Examination Processes for Lecturers

The Examination Processes to be followed before, during and following the examination period.

Viewing of Examination Scripts

Students are able to view their own or previous year's examination scripts.

Grading Scale

The schedule of grades used by the University and the range marks represented by each grade.

Complaints and Appeals

The University has a range of processes (listed in the University Regulations) for students to make a complaint or to appeal against a decision made.

Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct involves any behaviour to obtain credit in assessment without complying with the requirements of that assessment item.

Paper Outlines and Assessment

Paper outlines need to be developed and published for every occurrence of each paper, except non-credit courses, dissertations and theses. Paper outlines are developed using the online Paper Outlines System. It is designed to provide a centralised repository where outlines can be created, maintained, reviewed, presented and stored. It allows for outlines to be pre-populated with University-wide information to reduce the risk of duplication, increasing accuracy and improving consistency, while allowing for Faculty-specific information to be incorporated.

Other Assessment Related Information

Further assessment related information regarding the Return of Assessments, Referencing Guidelines, Class Reps, Complaints Procedures, the Process for Querying a Grade and Deadlines and Extensions.

University Regulations

The University’s regulations are published annually in the University of Waikato Calendar.