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Paper Outlines and Assessment

Paper outlines need to be developed and published for every occurrence of each paper, except non-credit courses, dissertations and theses. Paper outlines are developed using the online Paper Outlines System. It is designed to provide a centralised repository where outlines can be created, maintained, reviewed, presented and stored. It allows for outlines to be pre-populated with University-wide information to reduce the risk of duplication, increasing accuracy and improving consistency, while allowing for Faculty-specific information to be incorporated.

Paper outlines need to provide the official statement about the nature and key requirements of all taught papers. In paper outlines, students are provided with all the information and expectations necessary to pass the paper. The Head of School/Department are responsible for monitoring paper outlines to check that they conform to University requirements.

A paper outline:

(1) Explains the requirements for assessed work eg length, structure, presentation, style and referencing guidelines. (The detail may be provided elsewhere provided a reference to the location of this information is included here.)

(2) Specifies the internal assessment/examination ratio (as stated in the Calendar).

(3) Indicates the expected workload in terms of both contact hours and hours for study and assessment per week.

(4) Lists assessment components (specify those which are compulsory):

Component                 Percentage of overall mark                      Due date

(5) Clearly indicates whether there is a compulsory component needed to pass the paper.

(6) States where and/or how assignments are to be handed in, the expected turnaround time and where they may be collected.

(7) Explains the practices in place for the management of assessment deadlines.

(8) Indicates the link between assessment and learning outcomes.

(9) Explains the process for requesting extensions and special consideration and for appealing marks (or provide references to this information in student handbook or the Calendar).

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