This page assumes that you have already set up a rubric in your assignment settings. 

Note: You may have to check your audio input, and allow Turnitin to access your microphone when prompted.

  1. In Feedback Studio, select the Feedback Summary icon on the right hand side of the page.

  1. To record a comment, select the Record icon in the left of the Voice Comment box. The comment can be up to 3 minutes in length. Note: the center bar shows the voice input level.

  1. To pause the recording, select the Pause icon on the left.

  1. Once the recording is complete, select the Stop icon on the right to stop the recording. Select the Bin icon if you wish to delete the comment and start again.

  1. After you stop the recording, a Save icon will appear on the right. Select this icon to save the recording. Select the Play icon on the left to listen to the recording. Note: the center bar now represents the length of the recording.

  1. To move to the next assignment, use the blue arrows at the top right hand side of the page.

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