Our Students

Ashleigh Ngow

Currently studying a Bachelor of Environmental Planning, Ashleigh hopes to combine her love of people and the environment to inspire others to partake in sustainable living.

Tala Sooupu

Studying a conjoint degree in Law and Social Sciences, Tala aspires to have a position of influence in order to shape a better future for New Zealand and to lead as an example to young Pacific community.

Bianca Henley

Hailing from the Waikato, Bianca chose to stay here to study a Bachelor of Management Studies at our Triple Crown Accredited Management School.

Bae Fountain

A Sir Edmund Hillary scholarship recipient, Bae is combining his love of sport and his aspirations in Marine Science at the new Tauranga campus.

Chulainn Mabbett-Sowerby

Studying a Bachelor of Social Sciences at our Tauranga campus, Chulainn has aspirations to make a difference in local or central government once he graduates.

Tare Makope

After hearing about the great student lifestyle at Waikato from friends and family, Tare chose to pursue a degree in Social Sciences majoring in Sociology.

Emelie Verseput

Hailing from the Netherlands, Emelie is aiming to finish her degree at our Tauranga campus in order to make a difference in the business world towards a more sustainable future.

Hollie Keightley

Studying a conjoint degree in Health, Sport & Human Performance and Communication Studies, Hollie has found flexibility in her study options through the University of Waikato to work towards her career aspirations.

Thomas Nabbs

With a Passion for sport, an entrepreneurial spirit and some help from his degree, Thomas has already made a difference in the community. Setting up a charity called The Waterboy, Thomas is breaking down the barriers for children to increase their participation in sport.

Lydia Smit

A local of the Waikato area, Lydia is thriving in the lifestyle of the Hamilton campus where she is striving towards a promising career in management through her Bachelor of Management Studies (Hons).

Anthony Lander

Inspired to pursue a change in career, Anthony is nearing the end of his Graduate Diploma in Teaching where his passion for education will help him lead youth in the Waikato.

Emily Johnston

Inspired by her volunteer work in Kenya, Emily is studying to be a teacher at our new Tauranga campus. Once qualified, Emily aims to return to Kenya to make a difference to children’s lives.

Shalini Guleria

Using her Bachelors of Chemical and Biological Engineering as a foundation, Shalini is taking her love for STEM subjects and incorporating them in her volunteer work as well as her research.

Taylor Farr

Through his journey from Open Days and student recruitment events during high school, Taylor was impressed by the University of Waikato Science labs and facilities and so decided Waikato was where he belonged in order to study towards his Master of Science.