Layla Croker

Regulatory Administration Officer, Pollution Prevention Team - Tauranga, New Zealand

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Environmental Planning
  • Environmental Planning

Working as the Regulatory Administration Officer for the Pollution Prevention team in Tauranga, Layla Croker has the sole responsibility of monitoring the installation of water bores in the region.

"My role is varied and challenging. I deal with the Pollution Hotline complaints, after-hours complaints and notification of works. I monitor water bores, which involves follow ups with well drillers and applicants for reports. I process all compliance returns for the Tauranga area, ensuring they comply with consent conditions. I also work under the Project Implementation Team, which carry out large regional projects such as the Tauranga Harbour Programme."

Layla graduated with a Bachelor of Environmental Planning from Waikato, specialising in Terrestrial Environments which focused on soil management, ecology and environmental monitoring.

"I really enjoy learning about the environment, what processes occur within it, what issues are currently present and what we can do about them. I particularly chose these subjects because they gave me the ability to answer and help solve these questions."

Equipped with the perfect balance of science and planning knowledge and skills, Layla credits her career success to her time at Waikato.

"My degree helped me to get a foot in the door and secure my current role, as it showed that I had studied a range of papers relevant to the job I was applying for. The practical experience offered through my degree also enabled me to provide examples of how I had applied my knowledge."

With future ambitions to explore the many aspects of planning in both government and the private sector, Layla hopes to one day work in conservation/restoration planning, environmental management or environmental education.

"I see myself working largely for regional councils or starting my own environmental consulting firm, whether it is here or overseas."

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