Previous projects

Previous projects

We're proud of the work of staff, students and volunteers over the past years to help us improve the University's environment and sustainable practices. Here are a few highlights.

Community planting day

The University of Waikato held a community planting day on campus in 2012, with more than 500 plants put in during the event.

Ratty the Recycler

Waste Educator Ratty the Recycler, (also known as Rore Kiore) is a plasticine mascot designed by student Amy Ninnes in 2013.

Online purchasing

In 2012 the University moved its purchasing processes online. As a result, the use of copy paper was reduced by 29% and printer toners by 17%.

Lake clean up work

Thanks to funding from Waikato River Authority, we removed over 6,000 pest fish and 1,600 cubic metres of sediment from Oranga Lake in 2013. We planted 2,000 native plants, put a pest fish barrier in place between Knighton Lake and Oranga Lake, and developed a rongoā garden (Māori medicinal plants).

A flocculant was also applied to the lake to drop out various types of sediments in 2014.

Prevent Our Waste

These quirky short videos were created in 2016 to help promote waste reduction.