Academic programmes and students

What already happens in the Bay of Plenty?

The University of Waikato has been active in the Bay of Plenty region since the 1990s. In 2001 the University’s first cohort of students graduated in Tauranga.

We currently offer a growing range of qualifications in one of New Zealand’s most sought after locations. From diplomas, bachelor degrees, graduate diplomas and postgraduate diplomas to Masters and PhDs. In addition to University qualifications, we also provide pathways for study through our partnership with Bay of Plenty Polytechnic. Find out more information about what's available or download the 2019 Tauranga Prospectus.

What will be taught at the new Tauranga CBD campus?

The vision for the CBD campus is of a vibrant, exciting and engaging community and industry hub providing targeted undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, together with applied research creating solutions to regional issues.

The new Tauranga CBD Campus will be offering a range of University programmes focused in areas of regional activity, including but not limited to, marine science, information and communications technology and freight logistics.  The intent is not to offer the full range of programmes available at the University of Waikato's Hamilton campus, but to focus on niche areas that directly relate to the Bay of Plenty region.

Although the complete offering is yet to be specified over the 10-20 year timeframe, the University of Waikato has committed to developing additional programmes for delivery from the new campus in agritech, business development, water management, logistics, information communications technology, new materials including titanium, and marine related to immediate regional need.  The initial focus is on marine, logistics, and information communications technology.

What about existing programmes already offered?

Some of the programmes currently offered by the University on the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic campuses will transfer into the new facility, and students will be advised well ahead of time which programmes these will be.

Although the programmes on the new campus will be predominantly those of the University of Waikato, there will be some delivery of pathway programmes into the University qualifications by other members of the Bay of Plenty Tertiary Education Partnership.

There are a wide range of programmes already available at the University of Waikato in Tauranga, including diplomas, bachelor degrees, graduate diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, Masters and PhDs.

When will the new CBD campus be ready to take students?

The Tauranga CBD campus will be open for teaching and research by 2020. The bulk of the programmes delivered on the campus will be from the University of Waikato, but there may be some programmes from the partners that pathway into the University of Waikato that are taught at the new campus.

Under the Heads of Agreement - the legal contract for the University of Waikato to deliver the Tauranga CBD campus for its community - there are many important milestones to hit.

Detailed planning will take place in the coming months about exactly what will be taught at the new campus. The Bay of Plenty Tertiary Intentions Strategy 2014-2019 will help inform the new campus.

Who is responsible for delivering the Campus by 2020?

The Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alister Jones, will work in association with the Academic Director, Tauranga Campus Development to ensure the University of Waikato delivers a fully operational campus by 2020 that has students, programmes and staff. The Director will work with the Tertiary Education Partnership and other key stakeholders and will be informed by existing planning documents, including the Bay of Plenty Tertiary Intentions Strategy 2014-2019