Hākinakina A Semester 2013

Hākinakina organisers mixed it up this year so instead of the usual netball, touch and volleyball; students competed in 3 rounds of Tabloid games. Students embraced the change and also took on the challenge of preparing a performance item that represented their team. Despite the short preparation time the performances were all awesome. The standout performance of the day however, was Te Whakahiapo with their re-enactment of the signing of the Treaty in which they managed to include the popular ‘Harlem Shake’.  Although it’s not as good as being there, check out some of the photos from the day below.

Hakinakina3 hakin5 Hakinakina1 hakina4 hak Hakinakina2 lo ki gs

Results are as follows:

Sportsmanship (Individual) of the day – Toka Hemara ( FEDU)
Sportsmanship (Team) of the day – Faculty of Education
3rd place – FASS 2
2nd place – Te Whakahiapo
1st place – Te Ranga Ngaku

Congratulations to all the teams who competed on the day. It was especially great to have our Tauranga students here.
We hope to see you all back for Semester B Hākinakina on July 17th!