Māori Info Day - 3 March 2010

O’ Week – free sausage sizzles, irie sounds, pamphlets and prizes galore, fun and frivolity, silly games, good times  and a party every night. 
New faces, long lost connections, asking for directions, course outlines and student loans, where’s the library, my class, have you seen my phone?
What did my lecturer say? scared, excited, hoping to make it through the day.

Māori Info Day outside Te Āhurutanga, a meeting place mō ngā hau e whā,
A chance to engage, enjoy and discover,
All that Māori Student Support Services have to offer.

Your Māori Mentors they are the people to know,
In order to help maintain your flow, get you where you need to go.

Emcee Freeze, hand over the mic please,
Every School and Faculty, all there to help thee,
Plus Gwenda (scholarships), Maria (Counsellor), Hinerangi (library), my Uni Aunties
NRG Rising, rocking reggae rhythms rhyming,
Moving the crowd, swinging swaying vibing,
Don’t forget your Māori@waikato diary with all your important dates,
Oops better get to last don’t want to be late!

See you in a couple of weeks at Hākinkina,
where you can unleash you’re inner sports star!