Celebrating Matariki with Hineraukatauri

On the last day of A Semester Friday 4 June the melodic musings and compositions of the female god and guardian of the realm of Māori musical instruments, Hineraukatauri and her children, the instruments themselves, heralded the pending appearance of Matariki the Pleidies star constellation signaling the Māori new year.
People from all parts of the Waikato region from pre-school children to the elderly fiiled the Gallaghers Concert Chamber in the WEL Performing Arts Academy here at Waikato University.  You could feel the excitement of the crowd as they anxiously waited for the doors to open, eager to watch the concert that was organsised to celebrate Matariki and its relevance to and connections with Hineraukatauri.

School of Māori and Pacific Development Lecturer Rangiiria Hedley and some of her star students of her Ngā Taonga Pūoro class led and threaded the various performances together.  The icing on the cake was provided by the children of Te Kura o Te Ahorangi from Turangi and Alumni and well known Māori Songstress Hinewehi Mohi.

Everything that took place on stage was highly entertaining and at times quite moving.  Despite the 2 hour duration the children from the local Kōhanga Reo were so enthralled and well behaved that they stayed till the end, a sign perhaps of the success of the concert.

According to Hinewehi she thooroughly enjoyed the opportunity to return to her old stomping grounds and perform in acknowledgement of everything that she gained here in her time as a student.

A sincere ‘thanks’ to all those that offered their help and support for the day.

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Te Kura o Te Ahorangi with Hinewehi Mohi, Kotuku Tibble, Rangiiria Hedley and Ngā Taonga Pūoro Performers.