Te Āhurutanga Student Leadership Programme 2012

The Te Āhurutanga Māori Student Leadership Programme was piloted in 2012 with the main objective to develop and nurture Māori students to become good leaders and ‘global citizens of the world’. Te Ao Māori, te reo me ōnā tikanga, whānau, hapu  and iwi are the distinctive features that provide the foundation and guidance for the programme. Fifteen students from across the various faculties and schools and Tauranga Campus were invited to be a part of the programme based not only on their academic merit but also on their cultural and social contributions to the University and external communities.
The students successful completion of the programme was marked by a final presentation highlighting the work undertaken during their individual iwi placements.  All the presentations were diverse, dynamic and highly moving and encapsulated the essence of the teachings and learnings of the programme.