Attempt a Quiz

Note: Use a stable Internet connection when attempting quizzes.

  1. Select the quiz name to view any instructions from your lecturer.
  2. The introduction to the quiz tells you how many attempts are allowed, when the quiz will open, and how long you will have to attempt the quiz. When ready, select Attempt quiz now.
  3. Answer the questions. The quiz may contain different types of questions such as true/false, multi-choice, and short answer. If there is more than one page, use Next page and Previous page to navigate between them.
  4. While sitting the test if you would like to revisit any of the questions you can use the flag function located beside each question. By selecting this you are able to easily identify which questions you have flagged under the Quiz Navigation block. Note: You can remove flags at any time and this will unmark them from the Quiz Navigation block.
  5. Select Finish attempt... at the bottom of the page when complete.
  6. Finally, select Submit all and finish to submit your answers, or select Return to attempt to review them before submission.
Note: Tips and tricks to avoid tech problems during online quizzes