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PowerPoint videos

Starting a presentation
The focus is on opening PowerPoint, adding slides, transitions or animations, and saving.
Editing the background
How to edit the background of a slide so that all the slides match each other automatically.
Using the slide master
Branding your presentation by controlling what appears on the slide master/s.
Slide design
Having slides that look the way you want them to look, with your own pictures or graphics.
Inserting hyperlinks into your presentation
How to link from your slides pages on the internet, or files, or email addresses. 
Inserting youtube videos into your presentation
Embedding Youtube videos right into your slides, so that (if you're connected to the internet) they'll play from within your slides.
Transitions between slides
The snazzy ways that PowerPoint can move from one slide to the next. 
Animations for images
Sometimes it is good to be able to have information or images appear (or disappear) when needed.

Prezi videos

Getting started with Prezi
An overview of the features that make Prezi unique and novel.
Transferring presentations to Prezi
What if you've made a presentation using other software that you want to transfer to Prezi. Here's how.
3 steps to a great Prezi
Starting with your first 'sneeze' canvas through to visual cues and metaphors.
Fade-in animation
Your objects can appear one at a time, or all together. You decide.
Panning and zooming in Prezi.