English language

During the Covid-19 campus closure the daily drop-in sessions will not be available.
Individual or group language consultations will now be offered virtually, using Zoom or written comments on draft. Click the yellow "Book a consultation now" button to request an online consultation.
Check the relevant Moodle papers for information about the Doctoral Writing Conversations (DWC), and the ENSLA credit bearing papers.

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English as a Second Language (ENSLA) papers

Dates and fees, descriptions, aims, and content of papers

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Articles, modals, prepositions, pronouns, sentence fragments, conditional sentences, subject-verb agreement, tenses

Conversation Circles & Language Buddies

Opportunities are provided to improve your English by speaking with other students online and in-person.


Commas, colons, semicolons, apostrophes, hyphens, dashes (en and em), parentheses, quotation marks

Independent learning

A range of online resources to support independent language learning and development.


Online exercises for English Language Learners to practice pronunciation with downloadable audio and video files.


Instructional vocabulary (discuss, analyse, compare), context clues, high frequency academic words, root words, prefixes and suffixes

English for papers

Subject-specific resources for students. Includes online activities, quizzes, and games.

Language for locals

Common language errors explained, including punctuation, grammar, and commonly confused words. Lessons contain video and practice activity.