Getting started

  1. Look after your health and well-being

    This is your number one priority.

    • Student Health Service: Hauora Ākonga. has moved to tele-consultations. Phone consultations will be offered for students wherever possible. Call (07) 838 4037.
      You must phone first before making an appointment so that the staff can assess you safely.
    • In Tauranga, the student health nurse Alana Johnson will still be conducting phone consultations on 022 013 9003.
    • The Mental Health Services are offering tele-consultations. Call (07) 838 4037.
    • You can also still get prescriptions filled by getting them sent to your pharmacy of choice.

    Alternatively for health advice or information call Healthline free: 0800 611 116

  2. Getting help

    1. Getting help with your study

      Student Learning
      Student Learning will continue to offer study support online with video consultations or written comments on draft. Book an online consultation.

      Undergraduate and taught masters students have free online study help! Connect live with a subject specialist and work through your question together, or submit your draft document to Studiosity and get detailed feedback within 24 hours. You need to log in to Studiosity via the link in your Moodle paper.

      While the University is closed you can still chat with a librarian 9 am - 5 pm or email the library There is also a range of  resources prepared for you at this time.

    2. Getting help with technology

      The University's Information Technology Services (ITS) can help you with anything to do with access to the digital tools or software that you need to study. To tell ITS that you need help you can log an IT request in Kuhukuhu. There is also a link on the student landing page.

      If you do not currently have the technology to study from home (i.e. no computer or internet connection), please contact Student Services on 0800 924 5286 so we can work with you on a solution.

  3. Check your Moodle papers regularly

    There may be changes to your assessments, the dates of assignments, the way that they are submitted, the lectures and tutorial processes, and expectations about your participation. Your lecturers will post notices in Moodle about any changes.

    If you are using a mobile device, download our official University of Waikato Moodle app for the best experience.

  4. Communication

    This is key. You should use whatever communication tool your lecturers specify in Moodle to let them know if you are require additional flexibility or cannot access course content.

    You can also contact Student Services on 0800 924 5286. We can only help you if you tell us of your needs.