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Meet the team

Director of the Centre for Tertiary Teaching and Learning

Dr Nicole Pepperell

Teaching Development Team

Dr Alison Jolley (AJ), Lecturer

Stephen Harlow, Senior Tutor

Nigel Robertson, eLearning Designer (Division of Health, Engineering, Computing and Science)

Stephen Bright, eLearning Designer (Division of Education)

Clementine Annabell, eLearning Designer (Division of Arts, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences)

Victor Fester, eLearning Designer (Waikato Management School)

Tracey Morgan, Digital Literacy Advisor

Evaluations Team

Craig Gilliver, Evaluations Coordinator

Rahat Hasan, Evaluations Assistant

Centre Administration

Brenda Simmons, eLearning Systems Administrator

Lissa Smith, CeTTL Office Manager inclusive of PGCertTERTL and ENSLA Programme Administration

Manjit Kaur, Administrative Assistant