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The Nola Campbell Memorial Award for eLearning Excellence

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The Nola Campbell Memorial eLearning Excellence Award is held annually; it recognises outstanding contributions of staff to teaching excellence and student learning through eLearning and Technology Enhanced Learning.  Staff are invited to submit a portfolio of evidence when they meet a threshold of nominations from peers and students.

Nominations may be made at any time during the year, but will be processed for selection purposes on Tuesday, 1 September 2020, this current year. Nominations made after this will be included in the next annual selection cycle.

Nominees must submit their portfolio to their respective Teaching Excellence Award Coordinator on a specified date.

Later in the year, the Nola Campbell Memorial eLearning Excellence Award nominees maybe selected by their respective PVC or Dean to go forward for the University Staff Awards, with a monetary value of $3000.

Nola Campbell

Nola Campbell was a staff member of the Faculty of Education at the University of Waikato and is someone who was instrumental in developing eLearning both here and nationally through devising the Flexible Learning Leaders of New Zealand group.

eLearning excellence

eLearning at the University of Waikato is defined as the systematic use of learning technologies to facilitate and support learning.  Excellence in eLearning is demonstrated by sustained engagement with eLearning, integration with the curriculum, a learner centred approach, with a commitment to personal development and returning knowledge to the education community.

Rationale for the award criteria

It is important that teachers are focussed on allowing their learners to achieve at their best levels possible and that they demonstrate robust pedagogical underpinning of their teaching.

In order to utilise technology to the best advantage, teachers need to understand the capabilities and limitations of the tools that they use.  Since the learning technology field will continue to rapidly develop, teachers must be aware of these changes and adopt and adapt appropriately.  Further, exemplary teachers in this area will not be afraid to innovate and develop new practice and will also return their learning to the communities they work in.

Teachers should support their learners to make the best use they can of the technologies available.  Generic understanding of technology will enable learners to better adapt to the changing technology environment.

Basis for nomination

Nominees for the award should be able to provide significant evidence from each of the following three areas: Application of Technology; Supporting Learners; and Professional Development. The list below gives examples of evidence for each of these areas.

Application of Technology

Evidence of:

  • Using learning technologies for exemplary teaching
  • Understanding the affordances of learning technologies
  • The use and choice of technology being integrated within the overall course design
  • The use and choice of technology being aligned with learning outcomes and graduate attributes
  • Learning technologies being used to enable and enhance learning

Supporting Learners

Evidence of:

  • The use of learning technology to empower learners to modify their learning practices to effectively utilise technology
  • Understanding the varied needs of learners and attempting to meet them when using learning technology

Professional Development

Evidence of:

  • Reflective practice in the use of eLearning
  • The promotion and development of eLearning within our University and the wider community
  • A commitment to innovate and engage with emerging practice