Website contacts and help

The University of Waikato web presence is a large collection of websites, containing a wealth of web content, maintained by numerous staff and some students from different areas across the greater organisation.  Support is provided by staff in both the Marketing Division and Information Technology Services.

This page details a few key processes and contacts for our websites.

Kuhukuhu IT Services Portal

The University Services Portal - Te Kuhukuhu Rārangi - can be used to request a content update, new website or other website assistance:

  1. Go to Kuhukuhu -
  2. Select 'IT Service Requests' and then search for 'Web Services'.
  3. Select 'Request' and enter the required details.
  4. 'Review and Submit' and then 'Submit' to submit the ticket
  5. If at any time you need to review or update the ticket, return to Kuhukuhu and select 'My Items'

If you need access to edit University web pages we would ask that you:

  1. Log a Service Request with Kuhukuhu as above, selecting the 'Web Services' template and identifying;
    1. what website(s) or web page(s) you want access to edit - specifying the address (url)
    2. who needs access - yourself, or yourself and others
    3. why you need the access or include an email from an appropriate contact for the site/page approving your request
  2. If you need training you may also want to indicate that in the request - these web-guides are an online collection of web resources that may be of help until training can be arranged.

Access to edit a University web page will have you added to the web-announce mailing list. Website editors are required to be on this list to allow communication of any outage or service changes, and to advise when reports and other information are made available.

Non standard IT Requests

If you have a request which is broader than a simple website change but involves the web you can raise a 'Non Standard IT Request' in Kuhukuhu, which will then be triaged and assessed by the ITS Triage group.

Logging a request in this way will allow coordination with work or projects currently in progress and identifying future programmes of work for scheduling by University staff.

Web Training

Contact us via Kuhukuhu to identify what training we may be able to provide (subject to staff availability). Alternatively you may wish to explore training via Squiz Education online at - some options include:

  • Creating and editing content in Squiz Matrix 5 (free)
  • Assets in Squiz Matrix 5 (free)
  • Caching for Editors (free)
  • Getting started With Squiz Matrix 5
  • Edit+ for Squiz Matrix (etc)
  • Using workflow for editors and approvers

Website Content Management

The central website content is managed primarily by the Website and Content team within the Marketing Division.

Contact them and they should be able to assist with any changes, or find the right people to help.

Technical Website Contact

The University of Waikato central website and systems are administered and supported by staff in the Web Services, Application Services and Systems Administration teams in Information Technology and Services.

Requests for web technical support can be either created via Kuhukuhu as above or emailed to [email protected] noting "For web team attention".

Matrix CMS Sites listing

In addition to webpresence there are Matrix CMS Sites listings which can help guide web maintainers and content authors to the correct Squiz Matrix Web CMS site for editing content.

Contact the ITS web services staff for the urls if required.