Website Systems

A collection of website systems and technologies support the large collection of websites that the University has.  This page details the systems staff are most likely to interact with but is not a complete list.

Main Webserver (

The main webservers make available a variety of sites including:

Content editing for the sites is primarily through the Squiz Matrix Web Content Management System (CMS).  Some legacy sites exist where content pages are edited using an HTML editor.

Online Systems include both systems built within the Squiz Matrix Web CMS and standalone web applications.  The latter are PHP or Perl applications sourcing information from databases populated with data from primary corporate systems such as the SITS Vision student management systems, Syllabus Plus timetabling system or IRIS research databases.

In addition to the production servers (Obelix), there are corresponding test and development servers - (Asterix) - (Getafix).

Squiz Matrix Web Content Management Systems (web CMS)

Squiz Matrix is the web Content Management System solution (or Web CMS) that we use centrally to maintain the central website and a growing collection of Faculty, School, service division and other University sites.  As of December 2021, there is a merged single server - - which contains the sites setup on the two previously separate servers.

  • - the earlier and larger server, primarily hosting Library, Faculty, Divisional and other sites, alongside a collection of central site content for Research and News & Opinion and some older About pages.
  • - the second server, hosting central content for the About, Contacts, Study, Student Life, Industry and International sections of the central public website.

As with the main webservers, test and development systems exist for the Squiz Matrix systems to support development and testing purposes.

The Squiz Matrix manuals provide documentation on the Squiz Matrix Web CMS.

Search.Waikato supports searching across the University web presence.  It's currently powered by Lucidworks Fusion and administered by web services roles in the Application Services Group in ITS.

Staff Profiles

As of 2022, Staff Profiles are published out of the IRIS Research system.  Information from the HR system populates staff details for all staff within that system, with research active staff able to use IRIS to manage their Research activities.  Details are then available where a staff member's profile is set to public display.


Beyond the main webservers ITS is increasingly making use of the services offered by Cloudflare for ensuring websites remain available and to mitigate the impact of online attacks against our web presence.

University Portals

There are a number of University Portals:

Former portals at the University include both the aforementioned iWaikato and the MyWeb and Edlinked systems.

Other University Systems

Other University systems exist, hosting a diverse range of sites and services. Amongst those the following need some notes:

  • Paper Outlines - an ITS-supported system hosting paper outlines for current and past paper occurrences.
  • Resource Booker - used for room bookings and Visitor Parking management.
  • - a local installation of the MediaWiki wiki platform (made famous by Wikipedia).
  • - University of Waikato Blog directory and blog hosting system powered by WordPress.