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Instructions and Help on Go-Words

The University of Waikato Go-words service creates short URL solutions, providing a shortcut for a longer web address.  This assists users to remember the URL so they can type it into their web browser easily and quickly.

For example, the frequently requested Fees webpage full URL may be:

- and using a Go-word this can be shortened to

Go-words administrators have access to make changes to Go-words, other University staff can log a Kuhukuhu request for a Go-Word using the Web Services form. Go-Words also avoids having to have addresses at the top level of the site and impacting the site's Information Architecture.

Go-Word Usage and Guidelines

  1. A Go-word is comprised of the ‘word’ and the target ‘address’ (or URL).
    1. Words should be as short as possible whilst still being obvious to site visitors, and contain only letters, numbers and hyphen characters.
    2. Address submissions are only accepted where it is a Waikato University webpage or system (e.g.* or similar).
  2. After a Go-word has been added or modified, it is accessible using the following URL:
  3. Go-words are case insensitive, it does not matter what case you enter into the database or what case is used by the user e.g. both /go/UniAccess and go/uniaccess will work.  Note that there is no backslash after the GoWord.
  4. A Go-word URL does not replace the existing URL.
  5. In order to avoid confusion, the true full URL should be used where possible (websites, digital systems, email etc) with the Go-Word used where space / time is limited (print, radio or other audio etc).
  6. Any new or updated Go-words should be tested immediately.
  7. If the URL target for a Go-word is affected by a website or system change, the  requesting party needs to request the update of that Go-word or otherwise notify the Go-word administrators.
  8. Any University of Waikato staff member can suggest or request an update to a Go-word using the Web Services form in Kuhukuhu.
  9. Once a Go-word is in use by a target URL the business owner of that URL will be consulted over any changes impacting that Go-word.
  10. The Go-words database is maintained by the Go-Words administrators which is comprised of ITS Web services staff and staff in Marketing, who reserve the right to alter and delete any Go-words.
  11. All modifications to Go-words are logged to a database including the date, username that made the change, and the URL. This will allow moderation over any disputes over where a Go-word points.

If a user enters a Go-word URL which does not exists (or has been deleted) they will be shown an error page with links to other Waikato search services.