Associate Professor Lise Claiborne

Associate Professor, Human Development & Counselling

Qualifications: BA, BA Hons, PhD

About Me

Programme: Faculty Director of Resesarch Theses
Department: Human Development and Counselling
Faculty: Education

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Research Interests and Expertise

• inclusion of people outside social norms for age, culture, gender/sexuality and disability; • collaborative, reflexive autobiographical memory research with professionals aimed at transforming practice; • bringing insights of feminist, post-structural philosophers to better inform research in human development and education.


Qualitative and critical

'Favourite' Theorist(s)

Rosi Braidotti, Judith Butler, Patti Lather, Bronwyn Davies

Recent Publications

  • Claiborne, E., Cornforth, S., Milligan, A., & White, E. J. (2015). Collaborative research to support reflexive feminist professional work. Open Review of Educational Research, 2(1), 267-281. doi:10.1080/23265507.2015.1103663

  • Claiborne, L., Peters, S., & Brink, A. (2015). Shaking up human development: A reflection from Aotearoa New Zealand on Erica's Burman's contribution. Feminism & Psychology, _online, 1-7. doi:10.1177/0959353515570920

  • Claiborne, E. J. (2014). The potential of critical educational psychology beyond its meritocratic past. In Psychology in Education: Critical Theory~Practice (pp. 1-16). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

  • Drewery, W., & Claiborne, L. B. (2014). Young adults. In Human Development: Family, place, culture (pp. 272-303). McGraw-Hill Education Pty Ltd.

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