Write and Submit a Thesis

This guide has been prepared by the University of Waikato Library in association with the School of Graduate Research and provides details about each stage of writing and submitting your thesis.

In this guide:

What is a thesis?

A thesis is the written document that results from a period of supervised research at the University. Theses are generally required for first masters degrees and are equivalent to at least 90 points at 500 level. They are always required for the higher degrees – Master of Philosophy and Doctoral Degrees.

A thesis reports on new findings and implications of research undertaken, set in the context of the earlier work of others and making appropriate reference to those previous studies and results that have influenced the conduct of the work.

How is a thesis assessed?

Master and MPhil theses are assessed by one internal and one external examiner. Other higher degrees have two examiners – one from New Zealand, the other from overseas – for an EdD, SJD, DMA or PhD thesis. After successful examination of the thesis a digital copy is made available on the University's research repository, Research Commons.

How do I find examples of theses in my discipline?

Because each academic discipline has different conventions over matters such as referencing and style, it is important to consult your supervisor over such matters. You may find it helpful to view theses by previous students of your discipline.

The following is a selection of links to more information about theses and postgraduate study. Your faculty will also have graduate handbooks with further information specific to your academic discipline.