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October 16

A new take on old music

Dr Rachael Griffiths-Hughes, lecturer and musician, is part of a group bringing old music to new audiences.

Waikato Management School grads Greg Johnston (left) and Louis Wilks (third from left) watch intently during early phase testing of the Manta5 at the University of Waikato's Aquatic Centre in Tauranga

October 12

Research seminar: Export performance by SMEs in developing nations

Exporting activity is important for international competitiveness. Yet little is known about SMEs in developing countries, such as Brazil, who try to enter foreign markets, says Dr Jorge Lengler, a visiting academic from Durham University Business School.

Professor Kim Pickering

October 12

Sustaining success

Major award for working towards a more sustainable planet.


October 12

Playing all over the world

Cellists Santiago Cañón-Valencia and Edward King, Waikato alumni, are now firmly established on the international music circuit.

October 11

Low-cost train proposal a winner

A two-hour train journey to Britomart could cost as little as $25 return if the government and local authorities supported such a service, according to a new report prepared by Waikato Management School's Institute for Business Research.

University of Waikato 50th Anniversary video