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Accounting see WMS Accounting
Anthropology Programme
Arts and Social Sciences Faculty Office
Arts & Social Sciences, Faculty of
Audience Research Unit
Campus Computers see ITS Campus Computers
Centre for Teacher Education
Centre for Tertiary Teaching & Learning
Chinese - INTL Programme
College Hall see SSD Halls of Residence
Computer Science
Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of
Co-Operative Education Unit
Disability Service see SSD Disability Service
Economics see WMS Economics
Education, Faculty of (FOE)
Education Leadership Centre see FOE Education Leadership Centre
Electronic Commerce see WMS Management Systems
English Programme
Environmental Planning
Environmental Research Institute
FCMS Dean's Office
Finance see WMS Finance
Financial Services Division
FMD Facilities Management Division
FOE Education Leadership Centre
French - INTL Programme
Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts
Geography Programme
German - INTL Programme
Graduate Research
Halls Of Residence see SSD Halls of Residence
History Programme
Human Resource Management Division
Human Resource Management see WMS Strategy & HR Management
Information and Technology Services
Information Systems Management see WMS Management Systems
Information Systems see ITS Information Systems
Institute for Business Research
ITS Campus Computers
ITS - Client Services - Service Desk
ITS Field Support
ITS Information Systems
ITS Network Administration
ITS Systems and Development
ITS Waikato Print
Japanese - INTL Programme
Knowledge Management see WMS Management Systems
Labour Studies
Law, Faculty of
Learning, Behaviour & Welfare Research U
Library Management Office
Linguistics/Applied Linguistics/ESLA
Management Communication see WMS Management Communication
Management Research Centre see WMS Management Research Centre
Management Student Centre see WMS Student Centre
Management Systems see WMS Management Systems
Manufacturing Management see WMS Management Systems
Maori & Psychology Reseach Unit
Marketing see WMS Marketing
Mediarena Centre for Research
Music Programme
National Institute Demographic Economic
Office of Vice-Chancellor
Orchard Park see SSD Halls of Residence
Payroll Services (ext 4174,fax 838 4591) see Human Resource Management Division
Philosophy Programme
Political Science & Public Policy
Printery see ITS Waikato Print
Professional and Organisational Developm
Pro-Vice Chancellor Maori
Psychology, School of
Public History Research Unit
Science and Engineering, Faculty of
Science and Engineering Services
Screen and Media Studies Programme
Social Policy Programme
Sociology Programme
Spanish - INTL Programme
SSD Chaplaincy Service
SSD Disability Service
SSD Halls of Residence
SSDI Student Counselling Service
SSDI Student Services Office
Strategic Management see WMS Strategy & HR Management
Strategy & HR Management see WMS Strategy & HR Management
Student Counselling Service see SSDI Student Counselling Service
Student Union see Waikato Student Union Incorporated
Student Village see SSD Halls of Residence
Studies in Religion Programme
Supply Chain Management see WMS Management Systems
TEMS Education Research Centre
Text and Translation Research Unit
Traffic and Road Safety Research Unit
University of Waikato at Tauranga
University of Waikato
Vice-Chancellor's Office
Waikato Management School
Waikato Pathways College
Waikato Print see ITS Waikato Print
Waikato Web Team
Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educat
WMS Accounting
WMS Economics
WMS Finance
WMS Management Communication
WMS Management Research Centre
WMS Management Systems
WMS Marketing
WMS Strategy & HR Management
WMS Student Centre
Women's and Gender Studies Programme

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