Technical Website Contact

The University of Waikato central website is supported by the Waikato Web Team in the Information Technology Services division.

If you wish to make contact please email or fill out the site feedback & requests form with any queries or suggestions.

Your submission will be reviewed within normal business hours (8:30am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday).


The University of Waikato has a commitment to making accessible websites that are usable by as wide as audience as possible.

Access keys

Access keys allow for quick navigation of websites using your keyboard - the following access keys have been setup for the enrolment subsite:

  • Access key 1 is provided for the University homepage -
  • Access key 2 is provided for the University Site Map.
  • Access key 3 is provided for the University Search site.
  • Access key 9 is provided for Contact Us.
  • Access key [ is provided as a skip link to the beginning of main content.
  • Access key a is provided for this accessibility page.
  • Access key w is provided for the Waikato website.

NB: These access keys will not work on the wider waikato website at this time.

To use our access keys, use Alt+[key] on Windows or Ctrl+[key] on Mac. Latest versions of IE require the user to press ENTER afterwards to activate it. Firefox 2 users will need to use Shift+Alt+[key].

Skip links

Skip links allow you to skip through content on a page such as page banners, headings and navigation. The enrolment subsite has a skip link setup that should be viewable in screen readers, and there is a access key skip link as above.

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