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Professor Chris Battershill

Theme leader: Coastal and Marine Ecosystems

Qualifications: BSc MSc(Hons) PhD Auckland, Dip AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors)

Professor Chris Battershill holds the inaugural Bay of Plenty Regional Council Chair in Coastal Science, based in Tauranga. Amongst other national and international collaborations the new Chair oversees the New Zealand operation of the INTERCOAST programme, established by Waikato University and Bremen University in Germany to create a major centre of marine research excellence in the Bay of Plenty. Professor Battershill also heads the Coastal Marine Group in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Formerly Principal Scientist and Research Team Leader (Supporting Sustainable Use of Marine Biodiversity) at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), his research focuses on marine ecology and environmental science, and he was responsible for the establishment of the first dedicated marine biodiscovery teams in Australia and New Zealand, focusing on the medicinal and agricultural sectors.


Marine science; coastal science; environmental science; marine biosystematics; marine biodiversity; marine conservation; marine ecology; marine microbiology; chemical ecology; environmental toxicology; environmental impacts; marine biodiscovery; aquaculture; temperate reefs; tropical reefs; Antarctic marine science.

Recent Publications

  • Prinsep, M., Puddick, J., Wood, S., Webb, N., Lockley, C., Wang, A., Hales, R., Battershill, C., Martinus, R., Blunt, J., Munro, M., Keyzers, R., Copp, B. (2013) Trends in marine natural products research - A New Zealand perspective
    Conference - Oral Presentation - International Marine Biotechnology Conference
  • Webby, A., Battershill, C., Ling, N. (2013) Acute toxicity of MV Rena pollutants
    Conference - Abstract - Joint Conference for the New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society, New Zealand Marine Sciences Societ
  • Battershill, C., De Lange, W., Barton, B., Marsh, D. (2013) Deep Sea Drilling in NZ - University of Waikato Q & A
    Broadcasts - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmJ0Ns932vk
  • Battershill, C. (2013) Don?t shoot the messenger: Communicating science to an audience that wants your blood
    Conference - Abstract - Joint Conference for the New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society, New Zealand Marine Sciences Societ

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Contact Details

Email: c.battershill

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