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Young researchers get Marsdens
5th November 2015

Sports in sites of war and disaster, time-of-flight photography, tree-based learning algorithms, and ancient aquaculture are University of Waikato projects that have received 2015 Marsden funding.

Kate on the rocks
29th October 2015

PhD student Kate Mauriohooho is heading to the mountains for her doctoral study, and will use drones as part of her study into slope failure on stratovolcanoes and mineral mapping over geothermal fields.

Old methods produce new data
21st September 2015

Old fishing methods are providing the raw data that modern techniques can’t match in the Rotorua Lakes.

Tricks of the light
14th September 2015

A Waikato PhD student is using light as a non-lethal form of pest control.

Professor makes Kudos finals
7th September 2015

With more than 20 years’ experience working in the Waikato environment, biological sciences Professor Brendan Hicks has covered a bit of ground.

University of Waikato receives nearly $10 million in MBIE Research Funding
4th September 2015

The University of Waikato has received nearly $10 million in new funding from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. The funding was announced by Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce.

New Suez Canal opens door for marine invaders
6th August 2015

When the new and enlarged Suez Canal opens on Saturday, two University of Waikato academics will not be cheering quite as loudly as the population of Egypt.

Antarctic life – highly diverse, unusually structured
25th June 2015

The variety of plant and animal life in the Antarctic is much greater than previously thought, reveals an assessment of Antarctic biodiversity published by a team of scientists in the journal Nature this week.

Waikato professor appointed to help build NZ Antarctic science
28th May 2015

The New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute (NZARI) has appointed Professor Craig Cary as one of two part-time Deputy Directors to help deliver the NZARI Science Programme.

Unique look at forest giants
14th May 2015

Spending a month in the forest taking photos of a tree may not be everyone’s idea of a good time but Catherine Kirby thought it was great.

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