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News and Events

LERNZ newsletter and free workshops
29th June 2012
Lake Ecosystem Restoration New Zealand (LERNZ) is offering a series of free workshops focused on freshwater restoration techniques.
Waikato Antarctic researcher receives Fulbright award
29th June 2012
University of Waikato PhD student Tanya O’Neill has been awarded a Fulbright Travel Award to present her research on the effects of human activity on Antarctica.
University leads million dollar Rena research
1st June 2012
The University of Waikato is part of a high-level team that’s been set up to look at the long-term impacts of the Rena grounding. The group – called Te Mauri Moana – is a collaborative tertiary group that will provide a detailed assessment of the impact the Rena incident has had on the Bay of Plenty’s coastal environment.
Rena Recovery newsletter, website and social media launched
24th May 2012

The Rena Recovery team now have ample ways of communicating their work to the public, with a new set of communication tools.

Rare plant blooms on Waikato University campus
14th May 2012
A strange and rare plant has been successfully cultivated at the University of Waikato. Dactylanthus (a Greek name meaning finger flower) is a threatened parasitic plant which...
Tauranga filmmaker and conservationist to speak at Cafe Scientifique
7th May 2012
Natural history, marine conservation and filmmaking will be the focus of the next Cafe Scientifique to be held in Tauranga.
Doctoral student looks for answers on sea lettuce blooms in Tauranga Harbour
23rd April 2012
It can be the scourge of harbour users in Tauranga, but sea lettuce is about to go under the microscope. PhD student Alex Port, from Germany, is spending three years in New Zealand researching why sea lettuce is so abundant in the harbour at certain times of year.
Join the Waikato Uni team for Arbor Day!
20th April 2012

Join us on Arbor Day! We aim to plant 24,000 plants and we need your help!

Waikato student scours Tauranga harbour for research
7th March 2012

A University of Waikato student is creating an inventory and repository of marine organisms in Tauranga Harbour to see if there are potential cancer-or PSA-beating compounds in Bay of Plenty waters.

University celebrates Sea Week with Marine Station open day
24th February 2012

Marine curiosities, student research presentations and a biking lecture will be part of the line-up next Saturday 3 March when the University of Waikato holds an open day at its new Coastal Marine Field Station, at Cross Road, Sulphur Point, from 9.30am-4.00pm.

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