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News - Coastal Marine Field Station

Old methods produce new data
21st September 2015

Old fishing methods are providing the raw data that modern techniques can't match in the Rotorua Lakes.

University of Waikato receives nearly $10 million in MBIE Research Funding
4th September 2015

The University of Waikato has received nearly $10 million in new funding from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. The funding was announced by Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce.

New Suez Canal opens door for marine invaders
6th August 2015

When the new and enlarged Suez Canal opens on Saturday, two University of Waikato academics will not be cheering quite as loudly as the population of Egypt.

University marine bike ride part of SeaWeek activities
2nd March 2015

The University's Coastal Marine Field Station staff will lead a coastal bike ride 'with a difference' as part of the Marine Station's annual Open Day on Saturday 7 March in Tauranga.

Emeritus Prof Witten reviews first Massive Open Online Course in New Zealand
16th January 2015

Will Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) change the face of tertiary education in the future and what can Digital Cities - locally focussed online networks - mean for the local economy?

Auckland boat brings marine pests to Pilot Bay
20th November 2014

An Auckland boat infested with the marine pests Mediterranean fanworm and clubbed tunicate sea squirt was discovered on a Pilot Bay mooring in Tauranga Harbour last week.

Tauranga's Cafe Scientifique unveils the electrical activity in the brain
8th September 2014
Tauranga’s Café Scientifique will see Dr Marcus Wilson, Faculty of Science and Engineering from the University of Waikato, explain how different patterns of electrical activity in the brain can be seen when someone is sleeping, thinking or under general anaesthetic.
Experts to discuss freshwater management for the Waikato
26th August 2014
Five freshwater experts will discuss the implications for the Waikato from the National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management.
PhD student wins Fulbright Travel Award
9th July 2014
University of Waikato second-year PhD student Monica Peters has won a $3000 Fulbright New Zealand Travel Award.
Café Scientifique to discuss lessons from the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence
12th June 2014
Tauranga’s June Café Scientifique will explore what scientists have learnt from the 2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence, the ramifications of which continue to be felt across the country today.
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