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B Semester 2017 starts Monday 10 July

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) encourages our students to understand that their choice of study is of value to themselves and society; that they will also gain worthwhile skills that can be utilised in the workplace; and that studying for the pleasure of learning and for academic stimulation is as important as studying for vocational purposes.

Faculty News

Psychopathy in the wild and in prison 22nd May 2017

Psychopathy is a widely misunderstood form of personality disorder, according to the University of Waikato’s Professor of Psychology Devon L.L. Polaschek.

Waikato string quartet music goes global 16th May 2017

Associate Professor Martin Lodge has been working with the Polaris Quartet of Shanghai on a new music project.

Study goals a sweet surprise for Tauranga mum-of-four 10th May 2017

For self-confessed “ungirly girl” Melanie Tregurtha, preparations for what to wear to graduation are not high on her list of priorities.

Finish line in sight for Te Puke social work graduate 9th May 2017

Mum-of-five and nan-of-two Tangi Walker graduates this week with a Bachelor of Social Work.

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