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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) encourages our students to understand that their choice of study is of value to themselves and society; that they will also gain worthwhile skills that can be utilised in the workplace; and that studying for the pleasure of learning and for academic stimulation is as important as studying for vocational purposes.

Faculty News

Pregnant women sought to test new app 5th April 2017

Pregnancy is a time of continuous change – not just physical, but social and emotional.

The importance of sleep for young minds 13th March 2017

Watching your baby sleep peacefully is one of the joys of becoming a parent. But have you ever wondered what is happening in this little sleepy head’s mind?

Singing for the Kokako’s successful return 10th March 2017

Dame Malvina Major and several Waikato rising stars put on a song-filled evening for Kokako enthusiasts earlier this week.

Waikato student grand winner at National Concerto 50th Competition 7th March 2017

Music student Matthias Balzat was awarded the top instrumental place and overall grand winner at this year’s New Zealand National Concerto Competition.

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