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Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) encourages our students to understand that their choice of study is of value to themselves and society; that they will also gain worthwhile skills that can be utilised in the workplace; and that studying for the pleasure of learning and for academic stimulation is as important as studying for vocational purposes.

Faculty News

Waikato University composer partners with medical technology 19th October 2016

Composer Associate Professor Martin Lodge is leading a team that has created an interactive music installation as part of New Zealand’s first ever medical technology showcase open to the public.

Discussing fiction with Elizabeth Knox 28th September 2016

Fiction as blender and centrifuge, as the weather inside the house, as maelstrom and wormhole – what we hope it can do to and for us and where it can take us, forms the theme behind this year’s Frank Sargeson Memorial Lecture.

The Pokémon Go craze: What does it say about society? 20th September 2016

For digital gaming experts, the success of Pokémon Go probably came as no surprise. But for the rest of us, we’ve found the appeal of the phenomenon overwhelming – strange even.

New head of voice with loads of experience 16th September 2016

New Head of Voice, Stephanie Acraman, says classical training provides an excellent grounding for anyone wanting a musical career on the stage.

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