School of Psychology

Chair's Welcome

Psychology can show us how we think – and how we remember – or forget stuff. It is about feelings and attitudes. Why do people get angry? Psychology is about behaviour. Why do some parents abuse or neglect their children? It is not restricted to the study of humans, it has an important role in figuring out the best way to train dogs to find – but not harm – kiwi. This school has a strong research profile nationally with a distinctive presence, lively, radical and always changing.

Welcome. Explore. Ask questions.

Associate Professor Sam Charlton
Chair of Psychology

Psychology Events

Events are a crucial part of the Faculty's lively research culture, and provide opportunities for engagement with our staff, students and the community. We regularly advertise upcoming events in this programme - including events that we are facilitating, and events that our staff and students have the opportunity to actively participate in. We encourage you to check this listing often.