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Hannah Gilmour - Ac/EA Composition Portfolio 2009
Elizabeth Dobson - Ac/EA Composition Portfolio 2009
Maggie Bo - Ac/EA Composition Portfolio 2010
Peter McKinnon - Ac/EA Composition Portfolio 2010
Ang Viet Anh Vu - Ac Composition Portfolio 2011
Teresa Connor - EA/Intermedia Composition Portfolio 2012
Phillippa Ulenberg - Ac Composition Portfolio 2012
Xu Tang - Ac Composition Portfolio 2015


Janet Jennings - Ac Composition - Thesis: A Composer in Context.
TeManaaroha Rollo - EA - Thesis: Extending the Kingitanga Music Tradition.
Jeremy Mayall - Ac/EA - Composition Portfolio.
Amanda O’Connell - Thesis: Tools and trends in ICT integration in secondary music programmes in New Zealand 2007-2009.
Teresa Connor - EA/Intermedia - Composition Portfolio.
Jeff Wragg - EA - Thesis: Extending the Bristol Sound.

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Dr Michael Williams