The IMP (Interactive Music Project) group involves composers, programmers and performers working collaboratively to develop new musical/sonic art approaches and works, particular focused on interaction, generative systems, intelligent agent technology and net/live technologies. Recent projects have included:

ENACS: Emotion-based non-linear composition system
PIWECS: Public Space Interactive Web-based Evolutionary Composition System
SAGMI: Sensor/Agent Generative Music Installation
HIEMPA: Hybrid Instruments from EA Manipulation & Models of Putorino and Aquascape
GIIMP: Generative Improvisation and Interactive Music

KIMP, our current project, focuses on internationally linked high-speed networks to develop new net/live works that also involves intelligent machine agents and generative systems.  Our studio are fully wired into the REANNZ network allowing Internet2 multi-channel bidirectional audio and digital video through both IPv4 and IPv6. Working partners include members of the Syneme Network. Composition/performances are real-time and interactive, such as Mittsu no Yugo and Hikishio and KishiKeisei. We have recently completed an issue of Organised Sound on Networked Electroacoustic Music and Internet 2. Extending this work in 2012 was the SIMP (Scoring Interactive Music Project, focusing on real-time graphic score construction and interaction between dispersed international partners to facilitate Internet2 distributed performances. The resulting GNMISS system was used for Sensai na Chikai and SymbolAct. Associated was an edited journal of Organised Sound on Mediation: Notation and Communication in Electroacoustic Music Performance.

Music and Intelligent Machines

Over 2012-2014 we were partners in a three year ARC grant looking at enhancing the role of intelligent machines in live performance.

Contact Information

Associate Professor Ian Whalley