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We live and work in the 21st century, and all our students will spend their working lives there. That is why the Screen and Media Studies curriculum is oriented towards the future. Everything we do is guided by the question: how relevant is this to the future of the media?

We believe that the future will be global, multicultural, multi-skilled, digital, creative and smart. That is why our curriculum combines thinking and making. You cannot understand the media without making them; you cannot make media without understanding how they work. The new professional, the new citizen, the new critic and the new maker all need to understand the whole process of media. So we will study media technologies, political economy, styles and techniques, ideologies and meanings, audiences and reception.

We know that the future will demand more mobility and flexibility. Therefore we will not only supply students with the skills and understanding necessary to think about and through the media. We want all our students to have the full range of skills for research and communication, because these will be the key skills of the coming decades, whatever careers they move into.

Audience Research Unit

This unit provides a forum for multi-disciplinary qualitative research activities focused on the role and significance of viewers / readers / users within media practices


'Mediarena' is both a facility and an idea. It will develop new forms of practice-based research and inquiry-based practices using media technologies, with a particular emphasis on graduate and postgraduate work..

Mockumentary: Reflexivity, Satire and a call to play

A companion site for the publication of the books Faking It: mock-documentary and the subversion of factuality (2001) by Jane Roscoe and Craig Hight, and Television Mockumentary: Reflexivity, satire and a call to play (2010)

Geoff Lealand: In love with Shirley Temple

Stan Jones: Acting the Auteur

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