Research in Geography & Environmental Planning

Geography provides insights into the relationships between people and our relationship with our environment. It covers diverse areas within the disciplines of human geography, tourism, climate change and the use and conservation of natural resources.

Our established research streams include: Geographies of Development; Gender, Place and Culture; Geographic Information Systems; Indigenous Geographies; Migration and Ethnic Relations; Environmental Studies and the human aspects of conservation.

Environmental Planning is based on the recognition that environmental problems and solutions involve social, economic and cultural dimensions as well as the natural and physical environment. Research carried out in Environmental Planning includes themes of sustainable development, environmental justice, local resilience planning, spatial planning and design, biodiversity conservation and Māori land and communities.

Recent research projects reflect these themes. For example, natural disaster management specialist Associate Professor John Campbell has studied the outcomes of colonial Pacific Island relocations with an eye on future climate change ‘adaptation’. Social and cultural geographers Professor Robyn Longhurst and Professor Lynda Johnston have jointly and separately undertaken research in examining the geographies of love and the role of place in shaping sexual identity, and both lead research programmes that encompass feminist and poststructural theories.

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