New Zealand Institute of Internal Affairs (Waikato Branch)

2010 Meetings and Speakers

Mr Ben Nwosu - 17 November 2010
New Zealand-africa Relations: Parameters that limit the range of expansion

Mr Sourosh Vahhabi - 27 October 2010
The Assassins (Ismailies): Origins, Balance of Power and Political Equilibrium

Professor Dov Bing - 22 September 2010
Israeli / Palestinian Peace Negotiations: Enemies and Friends

Mr Louie Jaudo - 22 September 2010
The History, the Present and the Challenges of the Assyrian-Chaldean Christian Community in Iraq

Father Bishoy Mekhaiel - 8 September 2010
The Plight of Coptic Christians in Egypt

Joanna Clarke - 25 August 2010
The British entry into the European Economic Community and its impact on New Zealand

Mr Ben Nwosu - 26 May 2010
The Political Situation in Nigeria Today

Dr Ashok Sharma - 12 May 2010
Indo-U.S. Strategic Partnership in the context of Indian Foreign Policy in the 21st Century
(preceeded by the Annual General Meeting)

Judy Lessing - 17 March 2010
The Role of Radio in UN Peacekeeping Missions

His Excellency David Huebner - 20 April 2010
The Imperative to Act: U.S. policy on human rights and the environment