Welcome to the Societies and Cultures Programme

Societies and Cultures is an interlocking network of complementary subjects that together offer an interdisciplinary perspective on society’s dynamically changing nature. Our programmes include Sociology, Social Policy, Women's and Gender Studies, Labour Studies, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, and Social Science Research.

While having a sound theoretical component, all our programmes encourage students to acquire practical knowledge and skills, such as how to conduct policy analysis, vocational expertise, and an understanding of relevant research methods. This practical, interdisciplinary approach is underpinned by a shared vision of actively contributing to the improvement of social life.

Although each programme in the network has its own particular core papers and structure, papers are cross-listed across the different members of the Societies and Cultures ‘family’. Sociology, the most interdisciplinary of all social sciences, is the hub of this interlocking network. Students majoring in Sociology are encouraged to add a second major from another subject within this grouping, depending on their specific interests. See examples of how your degree structure might look if doing a double major in Sociology and Social Policy, Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies, Sociology and Labour Studies, Social Policy and Labour Studies, or Social Policy and Women’s and Gender Studies.

By combining any two of the majors offered within the Societies and Cultures network, you’ll strengthen your degree and broaden your employment opportunities.