Research in Societies & Cultures

Carolyn Michelle recently completed a large-scale content analysis of co-constructions of gender and ethnicity in New Zealand television advertising; the results of this study are published in an article in Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 66(1-2). Her previous research has explored print media constructions of new human biotechnologies, and discursive constructions of domestic violence in New Zealand documentaries (with C.Kay Weaver).

Rachel Simon-Kumar is currently working on a Marsden-funded project entitled ‘Engagement and NZ's Public Policy’, which looks at opportunities, challenges, and implications of the recent turn to inclusive and collaborative policymaking with groups that are traditionally seen to be on the margins, such as women and ethnic minority communities.

Carolyn Michelle is currently leading an international research collaboration exploring audience receptions of spectacular blockbuster event films (focused around The Hobbit trilogy), in which she is working with scholars in Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, and The Netherlands. This project relates to her teaching in SOCY202 Popular Culture.

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