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Dr Andreea S Calude

BA (Linguistics), BSc (Mathematics), MA (Linguistics)(Hons), PhD (Linguistics) University of Auckland, CELTA/Cambridge



School of Arts


I am a Romanian born New Zealander, currently working as a lecturer in linguistics, at the University of Waikato. Previously, I have worked at the University of Reading, in Mark Pagel's evolutionary biology and applied statistics lab, and at the University of Auckland, mostly in the Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics, but also in the Department of Psychology, for the Austronesian Database Language project, under the guidance of Prof. Russell Gray, and the Centre for Pacific Studies, on the grammar and dictionary project for Takuu language, under the guidance of Prof. Richard Moyle. 

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Spoken grammar; English linguistics; corpus linguistics; loanwords; cleft constructions; causal constructions; frequency of use

Research Interests

I have worked in various areas of theoretical linguistics, including morphology, syntax, corpus linguistics, and machine translation. My main current interests concern frequency-of-use effects in language. The projects I am involved in aim to understand frequency-of-use crosslinguistically (looking at the frequency of basic vocabulary words across different languages), in grammar (through typological work on causal/noncausal constructions), and in language contact (following the progress of Māori loanwords into New Zealand English). Additionally, I continue earlier work investigating the organisation of spoken grammar and the structuring of information in conversation, particularly with respect to cleft sentences and inferential constructions. 

Recent Publications

  • Calude, A., Pagel, M. (2014) Frequency of use and basic vocabulary
    Book chapter - Multilingual Cognition and Language Use: Processing and typological perspectives
  • Haspelmath, M., Calude, A., Spagnol, M., Narrog, H., Bamyac¿, E. (2014) Coding causal-noncausal verb alternations: A form-frequency correspondence explanation
    Refereed journal article - Journal of Linguistics
  • Verkerk, A., Calude, A., Pagel, M. (2014) Selection in the lexicon
    Conference - Oral presentation - 10th International Conference on the Evolution of Language (EVOLANG X)
  • Winter-Froemel, E., Onysko, A., Calude, A. (2014) Why some non-catachrestic borrowings are more successful than others: a case study of english loans in German
    Book chapter - Language Contact around the Globe: Proceedings of the LCTG3 Conference

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Calude, Dr Andreea 7955 andreea I.3.11 Linguistics/Applied Linguistics/ESLA

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