Dr Adele N. Norris


School of Social Sciences


Research Interests

Black Feminism; Intersecting Social Inequalities, Mass Incarceration; Rural Poverty

Recent Publications

  • Norris, A. N. (2017). Are we really colour-blind? The normalisation of mass female incarceration. Race and Justice, 1-25. doi:10.1177/2153368717718028 Open Access version: hdl:10289/11288

  • Norris, A. (2017). Are we really colour-blind?: Controlling racial images and the normalisation of female mass incarceration. In British Society of Criminology: Forging Social Justice: Local Challenges, Global Complexities. Conference held at Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK.

  • Norris, A. N., & Norris, A. (2016). The Mysterious Worlds of Jackson Nash. (pp. 186 pages). New Zealand: Lang Book Publishing, Limited.

  • Kanem, V. T., & Norris, A. N. (2016). Economic development in the Merauke Regency of Southern Papua and indigenous cultural identity: An intersectional evaluation of the Merauke integrated food and energy estate programme. In Women's Studies Association Pae Akoranga Wahine Conference: Promoting Feminist Scholarship and Activism. Conference held at the University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

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